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Our product range is extensive and we are able to supply to meet or often exceed the specification required by our customers. Our expertise means that we can source and supply from Red Tractor assured suppliers and meet EU/UK Welfare status standards.

  1. Red Tractor assured British pork
  2. European welfare product
  3. Countries outside the EU

Products We Supply


Boneless pork suitable for:
Processed meats such as sausages, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pork pies, cooked hams, dried sausage and continental meats.

We also supply bone-in and boneless pork suitable for wholesale and manufacturers, such as collars, loins, leg bellies, 5th quarter products, feet, heads and tails.


Frozen A-Grade Chicken

Salted 15kg + 10kg Brazilian breast
Natural breast – uncalibrated/calibrated
Tumbled and injected breast 70%/80%
Processed feet and paws
Whole chickens (graded)
Steam cooked breast, diced, sliced or stripped
Drumsticks, wings, legs/quarters

Frozen A-Grade Duck

Whole duck with giblets (2.0kg – 3.4kg)
Boneless cooked halves (550g – 650g) 16 x pieces per 10kg case
Boneless aromatic halves (550g – 650g) 16 x pieces per 10kg case
Calibrated skin-on duck breast in 5kg vac packed case
Processed feet
Wings, legs/quarters
Gizzards in 15kg case


All cuts including bone-in and boneless that can be supplied fresh packed or frozen.