Meat Tempering & Inspection

Baird Foods Services provides a range of services to customers and suppliers who are seeking high-quality tempering and processing facilities.

The service and the factory have been certified to conform to BRC, BQAP, RED TRACTOR and RSPCA standards for the tempering, boning, processing, and storage of pork primals, using the latest technology in traceability and yield controls with full segregation of UK and European pork.

The factory is approved to supply many retailers, manufacturers, and processors including ALDI, ASDA, J. SAINSBURY, LIDI, ADDO GROUP, and SAMWORTH GROUP.

We work closely and in conjunction with the main UK slaughterers principally with the Karro Group

The services offered are:

  • Defrost/tempering of meat through a computer-controlled cabinet set specifically for the individual product to keep drip loss to a minimum
  • Inspection facilities: inspection of problematic parcels of meat fresh or frozen that might have foreign body contamination that needs to be removed
  • Boning and trimming of pork primals to customers own specifications for retail and manufacturing
  • Packing facilities
  • Mincing of meats including pork trims and pork rind
  • The ‘offcuts’ from the boning such as pork trim, fats, etc can be bought by Baird Foods if required.

Boning of primal – how it works

  1. The supplier/customer (the owner of the primals) is responsible for getting the product to the Crewe site
  2. The specification and yield are agreed between supplier and BFS based upon a first actual production run
  3. Packaging and labeling agreed and cost based upon actual packaging costs
  4. BFS charge a fee based upon the bone in raw material weight and is dependent on the specification and production rate.
  5. RHD per pallet is charged for the intake of raw material, to weigh in the product, do a full technical check against raw material specification and provide a report.
  6. A full yield and weight balance report generated with variances by BFS
  7. BFS responsible for the achievement of yield providing raw material is to specification
  8. The supplier/customer to collect product or to agree on a price for delivery
  9. Baird foods will purchase any trims, fats bones, etc at a market price that the supplier/customer requests.
  10. Summary of costs charged – RHD/pallet + on-cost based on raw material weight for boning and packing + actual packaging costs +actual transport cost.